I have a Bachelor of Software Engineering from University of Waterloo with over four years of industry experience.

Professional Coding

My main focus is in web technology with JavaScript / TypeScript. This includes React and Node.js. For infrastructure, I focus on microservice ecosystems with Kubernetes.

Hobby Coding

I write several browser extensions for Chromium and Firefox, one of which was a rewards bot which accumulated 120K downloads.

I've also written several Android and iOS apps, accumulating to 70K+ downloads. Some of the apps were written using native languages (Java/Swift) and some were written using React Native.


Github Bar Line
Built native Android & iOS apps and PHP REST API to display the wait time and crowding levels of bars and night clubs. There is also support to display custom ads for specific locations. The data is required to be updated by staff using a password. This is an example app and therefore the data is only placeholder.
Java Android Swift iOS PHP MySQL
Website Blogging App
Created a blogging app on Android and a website that uses the REST API I built. This was a high school final project that I chose for learning about APIs (front-end was never more than just functional).
PHP MySQL Java Android JavaScript Bootstrap
Google Play Android Utility Apps
I've created many different Android apps for utility. They suited my needs, and I published a few of my favourites. They have over 61,000 downloads total on Google Play with very positive reviews. Popular titles include:

Note that UI was never a concern for these apps (they were purely utility and only functional).
Java Android
GitHub GRT Live Times
Created a small Android app that fetches real time data for when the next buses will arrive at a particular bus stop. Enter in a GRT bus stop number and it will hit Pingstreet's API to get the data. You can optionally filter by which bus route you care about at the stop.

This is really convenient for getting quick updates in the morning before heading to your usual bus stop. Save your common bus stops in the favourites and just click them to get instant updates. Buses generally run early or late, and this data is precise to the minute. There is zero clutter - it's meant to be a fast utility, not bloated like most other apps.
Java Android SQLite
Chrome GitHub Hide Twitch Chat Users
I created a Google Chrome extension that lets you hide messages from specific users in chats. You enter in any number of names you want.
JavaScript HTML CSS
Who Is That YouTuber
I did a free lance Android app for a client that approached me. He gave me detailed instructions on what he wanted the app to be and look like, so I created it. He loved it and bought it from me. Although, he never did anything with it.

You are shown a picture of a YouTuber and must guess the name of the YouTuber from the scrambled letters. There are also help options.
Java Android